Mountain bike trails in Liguria

Mountain bike trails in Liguria

Why should you wait for summer to ride on mountain trails? The mild climate of the Riviera allows you doing it all year round: riding up and down, from the beach to the mountains, among continuous vegetation changes, Mediterranean maquis, vineyards, olive groves and chestnut woods, to the meadows of the Maritime Alps, over the top of the hills, along our small bay (the “Sun bay“), that plunge straight into the sea.
From endure to down-hill, by e-bike or fat or a classical Mtb, even with children, along the trail of the “Laigueglia Classic Trofeo” or the ones chosen by the Italy Mtb Team’s Coach Mirko Celestino  and broadcasted on “Bike Channel“.


For mountain biking lovers, all the year long…

    • our services to bikers our maps and informations about the “Baia del sole” paths
    • a relaxing “candle dinner” with typical Ligurian foods
    • our help to find a guide or to let you get a massage or to live a day by Finale Ligure
    • the chance to rent a very recent MTB or Ebike, by Laigueglia Bike & Wellness,

    Furtherly, thanks to our touristic net QuiLaigueglia and its Experience Menu, many other chances for you

    • Guided bicycle tours
    • Local wine tasting in Laigueglia or in a cellar
    • Eno-gastronomic proposals
    • Guided tours to Ligurian villages