Laigueglia and the riviera villages

Laigueglia and the riviera villages

Laigueglia – Colla Micheri – Cervo – Lingueglietta – Seborga – Dolceacqua – Apricale – Pigna – Triora – Mendatica – Pieve di Teco – Colletta di Castelbianco – Zuccarello  – Castelvecchio di Rocca Barbena – Albenga – Noli – Villanova d’Albenga – Zuccarello – Toirano – Verezzi – Finalborgo. These are the villages of the Western Riviera.

Some of them are listed as the Most Beautiful Villages of Italy, others have nothing to envy them; villages by the sea, with open squares to welcome fishermen or ancient trade boats; villages perched on steep slopes, to dominate the coast or the valley below; villages arranged near the river, cutting it with arched bridges, sometimes small, sometimes imposing; houses attached to each other, furrowed, but not divided, by narrow streets, alleys, arcades closed on two sides; reference points for the ancient oil and salt business way; dwellings of lords with prestigious names, protected by thick walls; Romanesque villages with tall towers; ancient Maritime Republics, with few towers survived to the splendor of Renaissance in Italy; villages dominated by the imposing parish church towers; villages once devoted to fishing and now tourist destination; villages still today dedicated to rural activities and to keep alive the Ligurian culinary tradition.

Come and discover a little-known Liguria, enjoyable all year round, with all its flavors.

  • Guided tour of two villages with local guide (minimum 6 people)
  • Local wine tasting in Laigueglia or in a cellar (QuiLaigueglia and ViteInRiviera)
  • Guided tour to the chapels of Laigueglia’s fishermen: “E gexe di pescaui”  – (QuiLaigueglia and Parish Church of San Matteo)
  • Oil tasting (“Az. Agricola Giordano Filippo” – Laigueglia or “Al Frantoio Aldo Armato” – Alassio)
  • Typical dinner


  • September 18, – September 20, 2020 – S.MATE’ the local and typical fair (Covid-19 permitting)