Laigueglia and the riviera villages

Laigueglia and the riviera villages

Laigueglia – Colla Micheri – Cervo – Lingueglietta – Seborga – Dolceacqua – Apricale – Pigna – Triora – Mendatica – Pieve di Teco – Colletta di Castelbianco – Zuccarello  – Castelvecchio di Rocca Barbena – Albenga – Noli – Villanova d’Albenga – Zuccarello – Toirano – Verezzi – Finalborgo. These are the villages of the Western Riviera.

Some of them are listed as the Most Beautiful Villages of Italy, others have nothing to envy them; villages by the sea, with open squares to welcome fishermen or ancient trade boats; villages perched on steep slopes, to dominate the coast or the valley below; villages arranged near the river, cutting it with arched bridges, sometimes small, sometimes imposing; houses attached to each other, furrowed, but not divided, by narrow streets, alleys, arcades closed on two sides; reference points for the ancient oil and salt business way; dwellings of lords with prestigious names, protected by thick walls; Romanesque villages with tall towers; ancient Maritime Republics, with few towers survived to the splendor of Renaissance in Italy; villages dominated by the imposing parish church towers; villages once devoted to fishing and now tourist destination; villages still today dedicated to rural activities and to keep alive the Ligurian culinary tradition.

Come and discover a less-known Liguria, enjoyable all year round, with all its flavors.

Take a dip in Liguria! But, instead of into our wonderful sea, plunge yourself into Ligurian life and its small villages, learning its history and tasting its real flavours.

We’ll address you to nice villages’ guided tours, like Noli, Finalborgo, Dolceacqua or the romanic Albenga and its museums.

Enjoy Ligurian food tasting, every day, at us, or by our lovely weekly dinner. Or, directly, by producers: like oil and wine by our friends in the Ligurian Riviera: “Al Frantoio di Aldo Armato”, Alassio; “Tenuta Maffone”, Acquetico; “Torre Pernice”, Leca d’Albenga; Baglietto e Secco”, Villanova d’Albenga.

With our enterprises’ net QuiLaigueglia, we are also building the new Experience Menu, among which cooking classes and food tastings by restaurant Pacan.

FOCUS WEEK ( !?! just expected dates !!!)

23 settembre – 25 settembre 2022 – Laigueglia – S.MaTè  – Fiera delle Tradizioni

15 ottobre – 16 ottobre 2022 – Laigueglia – il Salto dell’Acciuga