Its amazing views, the fine white sands and the quietness of this small Ligurian village make it a more and more rare pearl.

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Laigueglia, in the ligurian “Riviera dei Fiori”, approximately 100 kilometers from Genova and 70 to France, is situated, with Alassio, in the Baia del Sole, piece of coast sheltered by Capo Mele (West) and Capo Santa Croce (East).

It's an antique village of fisherman, enriched for a while by coral fishing. Its amazing views, the fine white sands and the quietness of this small Ligurian village make it a more and more rare pearl.
With its typical soft colours and its long shape which goes to Capo Mele, Laigueglia offers amazing views from the beach, from the piers and from the green hills which surround it.

The beautiful and poetic area between the pier and the bastion, with the marvellous and comanding San Matteo church behind, is the heart of Laigueglia.
Doing shopping in the streets of the old village or walking in the green, up to the area of Colla Micheri, residence of the famous Norwegian explorer Thor Eyerdal, give you other chances to enjoy your stayng here, the beach apart.

You can discover local traditional dishes in the numerous restaurants on offer, with fish meals and mediterranean food. A long walk along all of the Baia del Sole, joins Laigueglia and Alassio.

Laigueglia has been invested more than once with the “Bandiera blu d’Europa”, thanks to the clean sea and the quality of service. In the numerous beaches, well equipped both for heliotherapy as well as water activities, you can find a fine sand, ideal for games in security for all the children.

Summer events and festival

During summer, the most known events are:

  • Trofeo Laigueglia, classical cycling race which opens the professional international calendar, participated by the two wheel champions and which is held every year in February. Also held in this period are cycling races and events for all cycling amators. During the summer events are held one after another.
  • Percfest - Memorial Naco Jazz festival, in June, participated also by well known names, with a percussion competition, Jam Sessions held in bars in the center of the village, as well as improvisations in the different squares.
  • Azzurro in mare, in tavola, in piazza joined to the blue of our sea, from the 20th to the 29th of June, to relive the Ligurian tradition
  • Sbarco dei Saraceni, revisit the attack of the pirate Dragut with fireworks
  • Queste Piazze Davanti al Mare with its shows based on Italian music
  • S.MaTè - traditions fair around the 21st of September, which fills the squares with stands of typical products and gives its fairwell to the summer with the spectacular firework display.

La più bella musica del mondo è quella del vento, delle maree, degli uccelli, del soffio del mare.

Jacques Mayol